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EC: How to Make Keurig Coffee Taste Good
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The Keurig is an interesting device; I like to think of it as the millennial cousin of the traditional coffee maker. But those who take their coffee seriously may wonder how to make Keurig coffee taste good, doubting that this kind of coffee machine can brew high-quality coffee. The Keurig waltzed into the world in 1992, boasting a tech-savvy persona that makes brewing a cup of coffee quick and easy. The device makes coffee at home with little to no effort, and can even make tea, hot chocolate, and cider. And while the Keurig can brag about its versatility, not everyone is impressed with Keurig coffee.

Most coffee snobs (you know who you are) will attribute the Keurig’s mediocrity to its watered down coffee. Good news: You have the power to change that. The solution lies within a reusable K-Cup filter. Not only will you cut down on trash, but you’ll have the freedom to use your own freshly ground coffee rather than Keurig K-Cups while maintaining the convenience of a Keurig coffee maker. More importantly, you can add enough coffee to produce a bolder cup. Your brew, your rules.

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The Keurig needs a little TLC––just like “old school” coffee makers. Make it a habit to regularly clean the Keurig, especially the K-Cup holder and water chamber. It wouldn’t hurt to wipe off the drip-tray, too. Use white vinegar to clean the inside of the Keurig; simply run a few cycles to break down debris in the tubes and valves. If you hate the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of lemon juice. This type of routine maintenance will help your machine run smoother and be the best that it can be.

Warming up the Keurig will also help brew a good cup of coffee. A single round simply isn’t sufficient enough to get the water hot enough for the lightning fast cycle. Basically, the Keurig’s highlight is also its downfall. To remedy this issue, run one cycle of water without a K-Cup before you make the real thing. This will get your Keurig revved up and ready to make a solid, hot cup of coffee.

Although nothing can ever replace the beauty of a pour-over from your favorite barista at your local coffee joint, it’s hard to deny the convenience of the almighty Keurig. And with many offices adding Keurig machines to their kitchens, it certainly helps to keep these tricks in mind.