It's easier than it looks
ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
Credit: Photo via Getty Images

If you’re looking for a new way to make breakfast a little more creative, look no further than Jimmy Kimmel’s pancake art. The talk show host has been making colorful pancakes for his daughter, Jane, in the shape of her favorite characters, including Dory, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Lightning McQueen, all of which make normal pancakes look lame, if we’re being honest. But though they might look complicated, you don’t have to be a chef (or a famous talk show host with plenty of money and resources). If you’re hoping to make some pancake art at home, whether for some kids or for yourself (no judgments here!) good news: it’s not as difficult as it looks.

Jimmy Kimmel spoke to People about his adventurous pancake art, explaining that yes, a little artistic talent helps. He explained that he did indeed used to spend hours drawing as a kid, but that even if you're not the most artsy person in the world, there are a few tips to make these fancy griddle cakes at home.

"I just add organic food coloring to pancake mix and I put each one in a squirt bottle and I'll just kind of squirt it out on to the pan," he explained, adding that a non-stick griddle pan is essential. And when it comes to coming up with new and exciting ideas for pancake art, he explains that it's all Jane's doing: "My daughter makes requests and then I have to obey those requests," he said.

Kimmel adores cooking for his family and does it as often as he can, adding that he feels like it's a "primal pleasure":

“For me, the work that I do is fleeting. You do a show, it airs, and then it’s gone. Then you do another show, it airs, and then it’s gone. Cooking, I feel like I’m making something that’s real. I just think there’s a primal pleasure to feeding your family, and I love to eat, so that’s part of it.”