Pies in the skies

Credit: Photo via deDrones on YouTube

Some people (nerds, the CIA) love drones. Others despise and fear them. But pretty much everyone loves pizza. While there’s been plenty of buzz from pizza chains about deliveries via drone in the near future, one Spanish hobbyist has beaten them to the punch with an unholy synthesis of machine and cuisine that could erase the distinction between delivery and deep dish altogether.

Finding a little bit of inspiration in the grocery store, YouTuber deDrones (aka Eric Ponce Rodríguez) decided to bake up his very own pizza drone. It’s hard enough to bake a pizza from scratch at home and not have the whole thing end up lopsided, flimsy, or inedible, so you can only imagine how much harder it is to bake a pie that can fly as well. Check out his process in the video (that I regrettably can’t understand a word of) below.

Rodriguez tells Digital Trends that the emphasis wasn’t on taste or texture as much as airworthiness: “I baked the base of the pizza to be very hard, and then added all the components of a normal racing drone: Motors, ESCs (electronic speed controls), flight controller, propellers, camera, and a battery.” From there, Rodriguez added some cheese, pepperoni, peppers, and presto, that thing was ready for takeoff.

Adorned in a chef’s apron and goggles meant to enable first-person piloting, Rodríguez’ creation successfully took flight. He’s clearly exhilarated at the sight of his pizza achieving liftoff, but the thrill proved to be short-lived: one attempt at a roll (more like a stromboli in this context, I guess) was all it took to bring the piloted pizza crashing back down to earth.

Of course, a pizza drone is only worth its weight in parts if you can eat the dang thing after it falls out of the sky. Rodíguez, sadly, had to wait: “My idea was to eat the drone after the maiden flight, but this was impossible because the drone was broken in 100 pieces.” Fortunately, he made a replica of the model and feasted on that.

So in case you were wondering: yes, it is possible to turn a pizza into a drone, which sounds a lot more appetizing than trying to turn a drone into a pizza if you think about it. For now, unless you want to spend a few hours of culinary and engineering work for a minute or two of fun, just take your quadcopter out to a field and have another drone drop off a pizza for you there instead.