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EC: How to Get Free Coffee at Luke's Diner Like You're in 'Gilmore Girls'
Credit: Photo Courtesy of The CW

Most dreams of being a Gilmore start with a full mug of coffee, and for one day only, you can live that heavily caffeinated Gilmore life and get free coffee at Luke's Diner. On October 5, in honor of the forthcoming four-episode revival of Gilmore Girls, Netflix will turn 250 coffee shops around the country into versions of Luke's Diner. If you want to learn how to visit Luke's Diner on October 5, visit the website for the town of Stars Hollow (which is—spoiler—actually a promotional website created by Netflix). Once there, you can find a full list of participating cafes and coffee shops. There's at least one shop in every state, so don't worry if you're thousands of miles away from Connecticut.

According to Eater, which first broke the news, these shops will be kitted out with Luke's swag, like t-shirts and aprons. (No word on whether these coffee shops will be going cell phone-free, which is what Luke would always want.) Chances are good you'll want to show up early, rather than roll up to the diner in a rush like Lorelai does, because starting at 7 a.m., Netflix will be picking up the tab for 250 medium-size cups of coffee.

There's also no word that your barista will come wearing a flannel shirt or a navy blue baseball cap, but there's almost a surefire guarantee that you'll be surrounded by coffee-loving folks who love the Stars Hollow life as much as you do—and that's probably just as good. Plus, there will be coffee and maybe a danish, if you're lucky.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder