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EC: How to Dress Like Pumpkin Spice for Halloween
Credit: Photo by Flickr user Denise Mattox

The pumpkin spice trend has become self aware of its own ridiculousness to the point where every year a joke image of a Pumpkin Spice Condom gets circulated, and every year we believe it. That’s because there’s something about this seasonal treat that we can never get enough of but at the same time have entirely too much. Luckily if you put the phrase “too much” through Google translate a couple times, you get “the bare minimum requirement for a Halloween costume.”

So with that in mind, and the knowledge that you’re going to be the fifth pumpkin spice at the party so you might as well be the best one, here are five ways to turn pumpkin spice into this year’s Halloween costume:

Literally a Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s important to pay our respects to the drink that started it all, the Starbucks PSL. The costume, like the drink, barely involves any pumpkin. Instead, you just need to recreate the look of a classic Starbucks to-go cup’s white and green hues, topped off with a “PSL” scribble and, of course, a butchered interpretation of your first name.

Literally pumpkin spice

Believe it or not, pumpkin spice is an actual spice, but if we’re being honest (as we always strive to be here on Extra Crispy dot com) it’s really just a mix of ingredients you already have in your cabinet. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pick your poison. All this costume really needs is a fat tube you can shimmy yourself into and decorate like McCormick’s Pumpkin Pie Spice (or your local grocery store’s cheapest alternative).

A spicy pumpkin

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A spicy pumpkin is not your average pumpkin. A spicy pumpkin takes things to the next level. A spicy pumpkin is the first person to suggest shots at the bar. A spicy pumpkin can drink wine without immediately falling asleep.What I’m saying is, a spicy pumpkin costume shows a little leg. The costume could be a full on pumpkin leotard or simply an orange dress and a green hat —a spicy pumpkin literally does not care. (Also: this costume is available at Target for those non-DIY-ers out there)

Pumpkin Spice Girl

The lesser known member of the British girl pop duo, PumpkinSpice Girl is everything you loved (or loved to hate) about fashion in the ‘90s, with the added bonus of being bright orange. Platform boots, a crazy wig, and just a dash of zig-a-zig-ah.

Pumpkin Spice Dog

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to the full thing. According to every man I’ve met in their 20s, who is? That doesn’t mean you can’t take a lil pumpkin spice with you on your night out. Because the world is good to us, there is no shortage of pumpkin dog costumes on the market. In fact, Pumpkin Spice Dog might just be the one pumpkin spice spinoff we’ll never get tired of. The best thing about it? You can keep dressing your dog up in the costume in the privacy of your home year-round.