It’s way easier than it looks
EC: How to Crack an Egg with One Hand
Credit: Photo by Walker and Walker via Getty Images

Save time in the kitchen and impress your friends and family by cracking an egg with one hand. Sure, you can beat an egg on the rim of a bowl or the edge of a countertop, but these egg cracking techniques increase the chances of you having to fish shards of eggshell out of your bowl. Master the method of the one-handed egg crack to prevent wasting time or making a mess. It’s truly the best way to crack an egg without getting shell bits in your omelets and frittatas. We promise, learning how to crack open an egg with one hand like a pro is easier than it seems. Here’s how.

How should you hold the egg?

Grip the thinner end of the egg with your index finger and thumb and hold the rest of the egg with your other fingers. Leave a small space between your index and middle finger—this is where the egg will crack. Curl your fingers under the egg, pushing it up into your palm (not too hard because you don’t want to break the egg in your hand). Now, you’re ready to crack the egg.

Where should you crack the egg?

Cracking eggs on the side of a bowl not only breaks the eggshell, but it also pierces through the thin membrane surrounding the egg itself. When this happens, there’s a greater chance that small shards of eggshell will mix with the liquid once the whites and yolks are released into the bowl. To crack an egg cleanly, tap the egg on the inside of a bowl or on top of your work surface. Steer clear of edges.

What now?

Once you’ve cracked the underside of the egg, place it over your bowl. Using your thumb and index finger, pull the smaller end of the eggshell away from the other end. No need to separate the halves too much—the egg white and yolk will easily slide out of the crack between your index and middle finger.

Now, get cracking.