A.k.a. yolk pornographer
EC: How to Become an Instagram Food Star in 6 Steps
Credit: Photo and video by Alex Tepper

Do you ever finish brunch and think, I could go to four more restaurants right now? Alexa Mehraban and Alexandra Romanoff do just about every weekend. The New York-based food Instagram stars spend most of their free time in a coffee-fueled cycle of eating, photographing, and posting to Instagram, and then eating some more. When they dine out together, they strategically photograph each dish, often taking the food outside to place it in the best possible light. They’ll smash down egg sandwiches so the yolk oozes out, then quickly take a shot. One will even prop up the other as she stands on a chair in order to get the perfect overhead photo. It might sound ridiculous—until you see their beautiful food Instagram accounts, @eatingnyc and @onemoredish.

We first met the pair when they sounded off in our Cream Cheese Debate. Later on, when we started talking about doing a video on how to take food photos for Instagram, they were an obvious choice to host. So we met up with them at Jeffrey’s Grocery in Manhattan’s West Village for a crazy day of eating, photographing, and posting, and more eating, photographing, and posting—you get the point. For us, it was a whirlwind. For Alexa and Alexandra, it was a pretty typical day, minus the microphones. Watch the video to learn how to elevate your so-so food pics to pro-level photos.