From the butcher’s block to the casing with Brooklyn’s Ends Meat
EC: How the Breakfast Sausage Gets Made
Credit: Photo and Video by Alex Tepper

Ends Meat is a whole-animal butcher shop in Industry City, Brooklyn. They butcher their own pigs, make breakfast sausage in house, and sell damn fine sandwiches and meat bowls. The Extra Crispy staff is very familiar with their bacon, salami, and other meats because we make our breakfast journalism next door and stop by Ends for lunch all the time. Ends founder and head butcher John Ratliff runs the place with iron, bloodied fist. Since Extra Crispy launched we’ve been talking with him about collaborating on a video. He didn’t hate the idea of a workplace reality show called The Squeal World, but it'll be tough to do logistically so it's on the back burner for now. The other day, John showed us how he butchers a pig and grinds the lean shoulder meat, fat, spices, maple syrup, and pork stock into delicious breakfast sausage. Along the way, he also taught us about the secreto, the faux tender, and other cuts. Then we got to see their hydraulic sausage stuffer in action. Maybe next time we’ll mic the whole crew, get them riled up, and make them fight for The Squeal World season one. Until then, here's how they make breakfast sausage.