To pulp or not to pulp? That is the question.

By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Photo and Video by Alex Tepper

When we were told that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit would be taking over our office to hold auditions for their 2018 issue, we had some questions, like, Wait, what's going on?Who in the what now? As you know, Extra Crispy is always asking people what they eat for breakfast and investigating the meal’s biggest mysteries: WTF is a crumpet?Who invented eggs Benedict?Can you eat mango skin? So we began to wonder how swimsuit models would weigh in on classic breakfast conundrums, such as “pulp or no pulp?” and “pancakes or waffles?” and “what’s the best cereal mascot?”

To help get us one step closer to the truth, we devised a breakfast questionnaire. Then we convinced five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit hopefuls—Olga Kaboulova, Sarah Stephens, Eva Adams, Caitlin Ricketts, and Kamila Hansen—to answer our questions. Survey says? Models are just like us. They have strong opinions about breakfast and think it’s the best part of the day.

Thanks for letting us invade your casting with our weird breakfast questions, Sports Illustrated!