"I reserve breakfast for special functions."
EC: How Reggie Watts Does Breakfast
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Hormel Black Label Bacon

You might recognize musician and comedian Reggie Watts from his longtime role on IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang! Or maybe you know him as the bandleader on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where he's just as likely to ask the celebrity guests weird yet insightful questions about the end of the world as he is to freestyle with them. But those credits are only the top of Watts's delightfully bizarre list of accomplishments. He's one of those superhuman celebrities who's constantly working, who, in between all of these regular gigs, also managed to make the time to perform in a virtual reality comedy club, film a new Netflix comedy special that'll come out in December, and make music with sizzling bacon samples.

So what foods fuel the non-stop creativity of Reggie Watts? I hopped on the phone and talked with him about the Reggie Watts Bacon Experience, what breakfast food sounds the best, and his feelings on being the only kid in America who actually liked bran flakes.

Extra Crispy: What was the inspiration for the bacon station set-up you had that you had in the music video for the Reggie Watts Bacon Experience?
Reggie Watts: I mean, I wanted the equipment that I’d normally use, for sure. We thought having the bacon there, live, would be obviously great visually, but we could use that as a sample. I could sample it, I could play with it. It kind of worked in every way.

What breakfast food do you think sounds the best? Is it bacon?
Sounds the best. Wow, this is really hard. I would say it’s probably a toss-up between eggs and bacon.

What makes the sound of eggs so compelling?
Well, it’s similar to bacon. You can just hear it sizzling. It’s got the sizzle edge. Really, they’re kind of the only foods that do.

Do you usually make bacon and eggs for breakfast? Or do you eat something totally different?
No, not at all. I drink protein shakes. I reserve breakfast for special functions.

What’s your go-to protein shake?
You know, I like Jay Robb’s egg white protein powder, and add that with a bunch of fruit and chia seeds and maybe cashew milk.

So it sounds like you eat a pretty healthy breakfast. Why is that important to you?
One, I like to feel good after I eat. [Laughs] And the other thing is that I’m losing weight, getting in shape, and that's a major part of it. I get to reserve foods like bacon for special occasions, which is awesome. It’s a great food, but you can’t eat it all the time.

I mean, I get that. I work for a breakfast site where there’s bacon everywhere, and it’s like, “Should I eat all of the bacon all of the time?”
I mean, if you’re a triathlete, yes.

Right. I also wanted to ask you about a lot of the cool work you’ve been doing in the virtual reality (VR) space. What do you like about performing in VR?
It’s fun because it’s crazy to be in another world, to be in a dreamlike place and still be able to socially interact with people, have conversations with people, explore different spaces. It’s great, you feel like a little kid on a playground. It’s really, really beautiful, so performing in there is awesome, and I want to be in support of the medium because I want it to get better and better, so the earlier I am in interacting with that, the more that I can help steer the ship.

You mentioned that part of what you like about VR is that it’s like being a kid again, so I was wondering: what was your favorite childhood breakfast?
It sounds really basic but cereal. Bran flakes. For some reason, I really loved bran flakes. Bran flakes and toast with lots of butter on it and lots of milk. I'd be pouring the bran flakes into the milk, you know, compensating for the lack of either liquid or solid, and then toast with lots of butter on it.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder