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How the wellness CEO jumpstarts her mornings

Rebecca Firkser
November 30, 2018

For fans of Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lo Bosworth was a household name. Since the mid-2000s, she’s traded reality TV stardom for a knife kit and passion for wellness. A graduate of the International Culinary Center, founder of personal care company Love Wellness, and co-host of the advice podcast Lady Lovin’, Bosworth’s current ambition is to help others find balance and comfort in their bodies.

“I try to jumpstart my day with something on the healthier side,” Bosworth told me over email, citing one of her go-to breakfasts as a smoothie made with almond milk, frozen blueberries, bananas, and raspberries. “If I’m feeling like I need a little hydration boost, I’ll throw in some coconut water and greens like celery, spinach or avocado… I did yoga this morning, so it was a great way to fuel up and keep that energy going after my workout.”

Not every morning is so calm. As a full-time CEO, Bosworth is often on the go, and there’s no time to leisurely put together a smoothie. “Sometimes, you just need a good old fashioned bowl of cereal to start your morning right and get out the door in a hurry,” she said.

The project currently keeping her so busy is her company Love Wellness, which Bosworth was inspired to launch after being disappointed with the feminine care products she saw in stores. “Most feminine care products are created by men who think they know what women want,” she told me. “With Love Wellness, we wanted to create the products from a point of understanding and in a way that women can proudly leave in plain sight. Our ultimate goal is to foster open conversation among women about their feminine health.”

When she does have time off, Bosworth loves hosting brunches with friends where she can show off her cooking skills. Since she spends most of her energy cooking, she keeps the drinks super casual—she’s actually a huge proponent of boxed wine. “I love Black Box Wines because each box is equal to four bottles of wine… and the eco-friendliness is an added bonus.”  If, like me, you haven’t been lucky enough to be invited to one of Bosworth’s brunches yet, you can make some of the recipes on her blog, The Lo Down, or watch one of her regular cooking tutorials on Instagram stories.

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