"Pop that André, thank you"

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EC: How Katie Maloney from 'Vanderpump Rules' Does Breakfast
Credit: Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

If you've ever heard of Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump's SUR, chances are good that you know Katie Maloney. She's one of the stars of the Bravo TV show Vanderpump Rules, which follows the lives of this sexy restaurant's servers. And as a long-time viewer of the show (who may or may not own all of the seasons on iTunes—I swear, it's totally casual), I've seen Maloney launch her own lifestyle blog Pucker & Pout, drink a lot of tequila, and even get engaged to long-time boyfriend, now-husband, Tom Schwartz. So I was excited to talk with Maloney about what happens behind the camera, her favorite brunch cocktail in Los Angeles, and how she deals with all of the haters—especially this season, which you can still watch on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. (I highly recommend it, especially with a glass or two of wine.)

Extra Crispy: I’d love to just start by hearing about your morning routine.
Katie Maloney: Oh, my gosh. I wish I had a morning routine, honestly. I remember at one point having one when my life was a little more consistent, because, at this point, I don’t ever go to bed at the same time. I’m one of those people, sometimes I’m not hungry until noon or 1 p.m. And then sometimes I’ll wake up famished. But my husband Tom, he’s a big morning person with breakfast, so sometimes I’ll wake up and he’ll have made a breakfast sandwich, or I’ll order in a nice, fancy breakfast or something like that. On most days, it’s usually coffee and catching up on Daily Mail and the news.

So is Tom kind of the cook in the house?
There are some things that I make and make well. I have my dishes, like some pasta dishes and chicken dishes, but he’s more well-rounded in the kitchen.

I was going through your blog [Pucker & Pout] too, and it seems like you have a couple recipes up for some breakfast-y things, and I was wondering how you come up with those ideas. Do you work with someone to develop those?
Pinterest. You’d be surprised how many recipes I’ve screenshotted as things I’ve wanted to try or tried. My partner on the site Jennifer [Biswas], she is way more domesticated than I am, so a lot of times she brings the recipe ideas. She’s much more well-versed in that side of lifestyle, but everything we collaborate on together, to some degree. We talk about what we want to do.

What’s the one recipe on Pinterest that’s been staring you down, that you just really want to make but haven’t yet?
The original, legit pumpkin pie that you make inside of the pumpkin. Have you seen that? You don’t use a crust. You use a pumpkin, and it looks so good. The inside of the pumpkin, you mix with butter and all types of stuff that’s really, really good, and you bake it inside of the pumpkin. That’s something that I’ve been for a while.

You travel a lot, as well, so I was wondering if you had anything you picked up to not eat like total garbage when you travel.
Oh, I would love to get some advice on that. [Laughs] I mean, I think it’s trying to be balanced and moderation. I mean, I think just being balanced. Is that boring?

That’s not boring at all. I feel like that’s what we’re all striving for, but there’s something to it.
I mean, we fail miserably. But hard-boiled eggs, those are easy. They fill you up pretty fast and give you energy.

I guess the other side of that coin is that there’s a lot of drinking that happens on Vanderpump Rules, so I was wondering what’s your go-to hangover cure?
Lots of water and then usually some sort of pizza. Just like basic Domino’s. Sometimes it’s Taco Bell, as well. Everyone loves Taco Bell. I’m not going to sit there and eat a Caesar salad or a protein scramble when I’m hungover. I would say pepperoni pizza, $10, yummy. Lots of water. My hangovers are so bad now, as you get older, they last for days. I try to be preventative before I even go to bed or before I drink. There are these supplements called Drinkwel that you take before drinking, you take before bed. They actually do work pretty well. You know how you have that lethargy and just kind of out of it and you feel kind of unbalanced and dizzy almost? It helps with that.

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Credit: Photo by Benjo Arwas

Do you have a favorite brunch cocktail?
I like—if it’s good—bloody marys, spicy ones. Cole’s in L.A., downtown. It’s kind of an iconic spot, super old school. They’re known for their French dip and stuff. They have really, really good bloody marys, like perfectly spicy. Or just a mimosa.

You really can’t go wrong with a mimosa.
No, especially when they’re bottomless.

Right. You can get away with a bad mimosa as long as there’s a lot of them.
Yeah. Pop that André, thank you.

It seems like this season, you have been getting a lot of hate online, even more so than other seasons. How do you deal with that negativity everyday, especially since you live your life online and in the public eye?
I’d like to say, probably just ignore it and, you know, screw the haters. But it does affect you from time to time. Because you’re human. You’re bound to be affected by that kind of stuff, and I try not to engage, but I want to engage. And right now, most of the people, the fans are being rude or hating. Well, I can’t just ignore the fans.

I try to counter it and kind of question the things that people are saying a little bit. I would never discredit the show or try to make it seem like it’s fake or anything, because it’s not. You don’t see everything, and we film for so many hours and it’s broken down to mere minutes or moments even. And usually they’re the worst moments. They don’t show the best, but they show all of the worst, and there are things that happen in between, and the things that happen maybe before we start filming that are maybe very critical but don’t make it on the show, and so it’s hard to explain yourself at times. So you feel kind helpless, and it’s a bummer, but I just try to remind myself—Tom’s crushing me right now. [Laughs] He says, it is a humbling experience to see yourself suck on TV, for sure. [Laughs] He’s sitting here like a creep, like listening.

I’m still the exact same person I am. I even look at myself, like, "Damn. That girl’s a bitch." I’m not in the editing room, I don’t exactly know why some of the stuff doesn’t make it in there, and why I look the way I do, because it definitely isn’t completely true to form. I’ll say that.

It seems like at this point you've got a healthy attitude to deal with it and are able to keep it in some perspective.
Yeah, at this point, my skin is pretty thick.