She's the decider

EC: How Ivanka Trump Does Breakfast
Credit: Photo by Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Ivanka Trump is a busy woman these days. Over the past year, the adult daughter of Donald Trump quickly took on numerous business responsibilities in addition to her preexisting media empire duties, all while her reality-show host and gaudy real estate tycoon of a father surprisingly got promoted to, uh, President of the United States of America. It's going to be a hectic four years, give or (hopefully) take, so the First Daughter (sorry, Tiffany) won't have much time for superfluous decision making. Luckily, she's had the most important meal of the day all planned out for a while now.

A couple years back, Ivanka was interviewed by My Morning Routine about the first steps in her daily schedule. When asked about her breakfast habits, she had a pretty minimalist answer that contrasts with the rather ostentatious lifestyle synonymous with the Trump name... I mean, gilded toilets? Really?

"I always give the kids one of two choices: either Greek yogurt and berries or 'fancy oatmeal,'" recounted Ivanka of her weekdays, reminding us that Yoplait and Quaker Oats are for peasants. "If they choose oatmeal, I get out all sorts of toppings—chia seeds, berries, flaxseed, goji berries, cinnamon, walnuts, and almonds—and the kids get to 'decorate' their oatmeal."

Presenting only two options, Ivanka said, is intended as a way to combat "decision fatigue"—an actual psychological term that refers to one's increasingly illogical or inefficient choices over the course of a day. Decision fatigue, it's argued, has the potential to influence a wide array of actions ranging from something as seemingly innocuous as impulse buying candy bar strategically placed near the checkout line, to actually affecting a judge's leniency throughout their workday.

"...[E]ssentially, we each have a finite supply of mental energy each day and seemingly mundane, ordinary decisions tap into that reserve," she said, summarizing it pretty succinctly.

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So, yeah, that rationale actually does check out for a walking, breathing lifestyle brand like Ivanka, although I’m not exactly sure what high-consequence decisions the toddlers Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore are making on a random Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. But, OK, I have to admit—encouraging young children to eat healthy by making breakfast a creative activity sounds pretty smart.

As for morning beverages, Ivanka always opts for "a large glass of water with lemon and a big cup of coffee" alongside her breakfast. These few choices, she adds, tend to fluctuate at tad on the weekends, or when Ivanka is traveling around the globe. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Ivanka also added that she makes it "a point to stay at Trump Hotel Collection properties whenever possible!" because this is the world we live in now, and we all need to adjust accordingly.

All in all it's a pretty staid, if not odd, extension of decision fatigue remedies. Might I suggest her—let's just go with "temperamental"—father try out the breakfast routine? Despite previous reports back in July that he was considering leaving all "domestic and foreign" policy decisions up to whoever became his VP, President Trump is most likely going to have to make some serious decisions through the course of any given day. Let's make things as simple as possible for him so that he doesn't confuse the "Conference Call" and "Launch Nukes" buttons on his desk.