Hope for those with serious allergies, by way of a hospital in Philadelphia
EC: How Doctors Cured One Boy's Egg Allergy
Credit: Photo by Jasmin Kämmerer via ;Getty Images

It's safe to say that in most instances, food allergies stay with you for life. However, one 15-year-old boy has been cured of his egg allergy thanks to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). CBS Philly reports that Isaac Keiser spent almost his entire life avoiding exposure to eggs because of his anaphylaxis; eggs used to cause hives, vomiting, and trouble breathing. "He couldn't go to the restaurant and order a hamburger because earlier that morning, they cooked an egg on that same grill," his mother, Gwen Keiser, told CBS. "It's terrifying...Just makes you kind of different and separate from everybody else."

But all of that is over, because Isaac is the first patient to be "desensitized to eggs" at the Philadelphia hospital, according to CBS. Dr. Jonathan Spergel, chief of the hospital's allergy section, explained that many food allergies are caused by the immune system overreacting, and desensitization involves exposing the body ever so slightly to, in Isaac's case, eggs. Isaac began eating a tiny amount of egg every day, and eventually found that his allergic reactions were no longer triggered.

"It's all very new because I've been very sheltered from all these foods and now I can try them all," Isaac told CBS. "It's all very overwhelming but so exciting. I cannot tell you how fantastic it is. It literally has been life-changing."

CHOP is currently continuing to research allergy treatment. Obviously you shouldn't try to treat serious allergies without medical supervision, and if you have an egg allergy, ingesting egg could have serious consequences. But the story of Isaac Keiser should give serious allergy sufferers some hope that there might be some different comprehensive treatment options in the future.