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No spoilers!

Rebecca Firkser
December 05, 2018

Cobie Smulders has a thing for friend groups. At least, that’s what you could surmise from watching nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother and the first season of her new show Friends From College. Where the gang on HIMYM seemed to need each other to make it through the day, Smulders’s recent TV companions seem to regress into their 21-year-old selves when they’re all in the same room.

“I think at one point shooting the first season we were looking at each other like, Why do we all even hang out with each other? We act crazy when we’re together!” Smulders told me over the phone. Though she recently wrapped shooting the second season of the show, not to mention a couple Marvel movies (she's plays S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill on the big and small screens), Smulders isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Since her days are packed, she front-loads greens at breakfast.

“I definitely try to start the day with some greens, whether that’s in a smoothie—I’ll put a bunch of spinach in there, or having a green juice, or an avocado with some eggs.” Smulders said. “I try to take in as much green as possible, especially in the beginning of the day.” The morning we spoke was an especially hectic one for her, so in addition to a green juice—”I don’t know exactly what was in it, but I there was some kale in there, and ginger, I can tell you those two things.”—she also went for a bowl of oatmeal with bananas. It’s her top choice when she knows she’s going to be running around all day, she told me, it gives her energy but it’s also a pretty quick meal.

On set, her go-to meal is an egg scramble. “I’m not really a sweets person, so it works for me,” Smulders said. But it’s not green juice and eggs and oatmeal all the time. “I’m all about salty snacks. I’m a Doritos and Sun Chips kind of person."

Smulders actually loves the chips so much she recently partnered with Frito-Lay for their Dreamvention project, which encouraged families to create an invention together, one of which would actually be super-helpful to any younger breakfast fans. The Kid Safe Switch, one of the finalists in the project, was inspired by the inventing family’s tradition of Sunday morning omelets and a couple kids who were so eager to help they didn’t notice a hot stove. “I think all of us parents of younger kids are so afraid of the stove, so it’s an invention that would set an alarm off if a small person went near the stove,” Smulders told me. Perhaps that’s why she also mentioned that she sticks to smoothies when making breakfast for her kids.

Before letting Smulders off the phone, my spoilers-loving self had to badger her about one more thing. At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, her character, along with about half of the other main characters in the movie, disappeared. Where is she?! Smulders hit me with an “I know, do you?” (I don't!) and while she had some good advice for eager-beavers like myself, she kept her lips zipped. “If I told you, you’ll be disappointed when you watch the movie! I think this is one you’re going to want to not go online to spoil, just let it happen.”

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