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EC: How 13 Fashion Designers Do Breakfast

New York Fashion Week is upon us again, and the streets are filled with fashionable people. Crowds of folks making their way to shows strike Instagrammable poses, and models in short shorts bend to tie loose sneaker laces. Packs of photographers carrying back-breaking equipment sprint toward approaching limousines, elbowing each other roughly to get the best shot. Wandering through SoHo, you’ll suddenly be surrounded by a gaggle of impossibly tall, well-dressed people. The bi-annual showcase of designers is the reason for this gorgeous chaos. Everyone has to eat, though, and we wondered what high-stakes, high-energy fashion designers eat for breakfast. Here is what 13 of fashion's greats chow down on in the morning.

Karl Lagerfeld(in Harper's Bazaar)
“The first thing I do when I get up, I have breakfast. I have two protein shakes made for me by my doctor—they have a chocolate taste and no sugar, of course—and steamed apples. That's all. I don't like anything else in the morning. I never drink anything hot; I don't like hot drinks, very strange. I drink Diet Coke from the minute I get up to the minute I go to bed. I can even drink it in the middle of the night, and I can sleep. I don't drink coffee, I don't drink tea, I drink nothing else.”

Cynthia Rowley(in The New York Times)
“It’s fun to make breakfast together in the morning. We go between very healthy and very not healthy. This Sunday we’re making avocado and crunchy bread with a little lemon and some shaved radishes, and also we might take Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts and put them in the waffle iron and make them into doughnut waffles. I need a good name for that.”

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Credit: Photo by Mike Pont Via Getty Images

Vera Wang (in Harper's Bazaar)
“I have a housekeeper who I consider a mother figure. She brings me breakfast in bed, either yogurt and fresh fruit or eggs and chicken sausage. If it's a Sunday, for a treat I'll have smoked salmon with brown bread and lots of lemon. My coffee is Jamaica Me Crazy by Wolfgang Puck—I'm so unglamorous.”

Tom Ford (in Harper's Bazaar)
“4:30 A.M. I never really sleep much and often start my day at this time. When I am very lucky and sleep through the night, I might get up at 7:00, but that is rare. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is weigh myself. I do this every morning, and if I have gained more than two or three pounds, I try to eat fruit and vegetables exclusively for a couple of days until my weight is back to my ideal. I make myself a tall glass of iced espresso (I don't like warm drinks), get into a hot bath, and slowly sip my drink as I come to life. Often I lie in the tub for a half hour and just let my mind wander,” and “9:15 A.M. After working out, I have a breakfast of whole-grain muesli or bran cereal, half a banana, and several slices of pineapple.”

Isaac Mizrahi (in Edible Manhattan)
Eggs are God! Wool is God and eggs are God. I like eggs in every possible way. I make something called World-Famous Frittata, though no one’s heard of it. It’s a weekly occurrence, every Sunday. Pepper, fennel, onions, whatever. I make it for two but you can make it for more depending on the size of your cast-iron skillet,” and “I make a delicious egg white dish with gouda! Also leftover potatoes with gouda and chives. You think you’ve got it with gruyere. But gouda!”

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Credit: Photo by David Shankbone Via Wikimedia Commons

Diane Von Furstenburg(in Harper's Bazaar)
“For breakfast, I eat fruit—pomegranates, kiwi, papaya—sometimes with yogurt and black coffee.”

Anna Sui (in The New Potato)
“No matter where I go and all the incredible cuisines that I’ve tried, there’s nothing that beats going home and having Mom’s cooking. And it doesn’t matter what she makes. She always makes a whole assortment of things, and her recipes of what she knows we love. There’s nothing like it. The way she serves it — she takes so much time in serving it and presenting it. Nothing beats that.”

Alexander Wang(in Harper's Bazaar)
“I'm proud of being on time, and I feel very uncomfortable walking into meetings when everyone is waiting for me. I usually eat breakfast—oatmeal and juice from JuicePress—at work. I like their Doctor Green Juice and their Ginger Fireball; I can't afford to get sick. I don't drink coffee.”

Vivienne Tam(in Mode)
6:30 a.m.: "Power breakfast." [instant quinoa, superfood cereal, rice dream, raw honey and fresh raspberries]

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Credit: Photo by Frzer Harrison via Getty Images

Jean-Paul Gaultier(in Harper's Bazaar)
“Before breakfast I take fresh lemon juice with hot water to cleanse my body. My father had this wonderful habit of bringing breakfast in bed to my mother and me, so I've always loved to linger in bed in the morning. I have a housekeeper who prepares it for me now. I am on a diet, so it will consist of freshly squeezed fruit juice—orange or grapefruit—and a fruit salad with fruit that's in season. I drink green tea. About once a month I'll do everything that I don't have a right to do: have a café au lait with a lot of whole creamy milk, and bread with salted butter and homemade jam that one of my cousins sends to me from the southwest of France. I enjoy this enormously, as food is very important to me. The only person who is allowed to come to my bed and disturb me in the morning is my cat, Linda. (She's a Siamese cat, with magnificent eyes like Linda Evangelista.)”

Zac Posen(in Harper's Bazaar)
“I've done green eggs and ham breakfasts. That makes it fun to entertain. It's like putting a collection together, but it's impromptu.”

Donna Karan(in The New Potato)
[On her ideal food day] “I get up every morning and have my protein drink from We Care.”

Betsey Johnson (on Instagram)
[On a pink-frosted chocolate layer cake] “Mornin', babes! Who's ready for some breakfast?!”