He's selling direwolf bread
EC: 'Game of Thrones' Actor Opens His Own London Bakery
Credit: Photo Courtesy Deliveroo

Ben Hawkey, the actor who plays Hot Pie on Game of Thrones opened a real-life bakery in London with the most perfect name for fans of the epic series: You Know Nothing John Dough. The bakery started taking orders on Monday, July 17, in honor of the start of the newest season of the hit HBO series, and it served up only one item: direwolf bread, similar in shape and recipe the one that Hawkey's character Hot Pie gave to Arya Stark on the show. This direwolf bread, however, is apparently an improvement on the show's original recipe, according to reporting from Digital Spy, made with whole wheat cornbread and orange zest.

The loaf is apparently best enjoyed warm, with a little bit of butter, which sounds delicious. But unfortunately, us Americans may never have the chance to know what Hawkey's (a.k.a. Hot Pie's) direwolf bread tastes like IRL. That's because You Know Nothing John Dough was run through an exclusive partnership with the UK-based delivery app Deliveroo. That meant only Londoners could get their hands on Hot Pie's limited run of Direwolf bread. The run was so limited, in fact, that You Know Nothing John Dough is no longer accepting new orders, according to a pop-up on the bakery's page on Deliveroo.

And much like George R.R. Martin's next book The Winds of Winter, there's no telling when a restock will be coming, if ever. But if you're going to have Hot Pie open up his own bakery, he's got to also have a pie with a crust made with brown butter, right? Let's just hope Hot Pie doesn't burn his fingers (or, you know, die as so many characters do these days) before we get our hands on those Game of Thrones baked goods.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder