Free yourself from the tyranny of extra bananas

Credit: Photo by Extra Crispy Staff

The bananas—they just just keep arriving. There is no way to stop them. It matters not the season. They just show up and I am at their mercy. I tried stacking them in the corner, but then the vermin followed. I had to find a way to seal them away until I could find the wherewithal to eat them. So. Many. Bananas. Have you tried living on an all-banana diet? That naked blogger woman did, but no one trusts her. You can trust me. This jam is a great way to free yourself from a banana surplus. Also, it is hot. You know if you are a one pepper, two pepper, or even just a quarter pepper person. Do not touch your eyes.

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Hot Banana Jam


1-2 hot peppers (Scotch bonnet or similar)

6 ripe bananas

1 cup granulated sugar

¼ cup brown sugar

¼ cup lime juice

2 tablespoons water

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla

However much dark Jamaican rum seems right to you—maybe start with a tablespoon


Put on some gloves. If you don't have any, go to the store or online and order them now. Then stem and seed the peppers and chop finely. Place them in a bowl and do not touch your eyes or any other delicate part of your body. While you're still wearing the gloves, peel the bananas and smoosh them with your hands into the bowl with the peppers and combine the two together. Remove the gloves.

Add the remaining ingredients and stir well to combine. Carefully pour the mixture into the Instant Pot, seal, and cook on high pressure for five minutes. Perform a manual release and remove the lid. Stir the contents, and see if the consistency thick enough for your liking. If it's too thin, turn on the saute function and stir until the liquid is reduced. Ladle the jam into clean, lidded jars and use it on sandwiches, toast, baked goods, or anything that can use a sweet and spicy kick.