Slight damage leaves bar owner with long face

By Tim Nelson
Updated October 02, 2018
Credit: Jacqueline Nix/Getty Images

So a horse walks into a bar. She doesn’t ask the bartender for a drink because horses can’t speak.

That’s not a weak attempt at anti-humor, but the basic outline of an unlikely recent event that transpired in the Parisian suburb of Chantilly. According to Ouest-France, trainer Jean-Marie Beguignem was leading an unknown filly (a horse with no name, perhaps?) from the stables to the racetrack when the beast bucked its rider and broke free. The horse apparently managed to gallop wildly down the streets and through a traffic roundabout before setting its sights on a destination that many of us have made a beeline for when we get sick of taking orders from our bosses: the bar.

According to security footage, the filly picked up a full head of steam, galloping through an open door. She took a quick lap from one end of the establishment to the other and quickly exiting, just like socially awkward humans do when our friends haven’t shown up yet or we just aren’t feeling the vibe. The horse’s bucking legs bumped into some tables and chairs, but thankfully the bar’s handful of patrons all walked away with nothing more than a good story.

As you’d imagine, the bar’s owner was a bit shocked to witness one of the most tired jokes of all time come to life. “There was quite a panic. I still can’t quite believe it happened,” Stephane Jasmin told Reuters of the unexpected visit.

The horse’s impromptu bar gallop was cut short before it could find a second place to try and get a drink, as she was tamed in a nearby parking lot. At least now the world knows that life can sometimes approximate basic joke premises. Update your sense of humor accordingly.