And locals are not pleased

By Tim Nelson
Updated August 31, 2018
Credit: Pietro Recchia / EyeEm/Getty Images

How do you like your coffee? If you’re the kind of connoisseur who enjoys frequenting Bottoms Up Espresso, your morning cup is served with a side of scantily clad baristas to ogle. Though certainly a cheeky concept, its owners have attracted enough thirsty patrons to open up six locations across central and northern California.

However, a proposed new location at a crowded intersection in Chico has aroused the anger of city residents. It would seem that locals have a problem with a coffee shop where there’s more of an emphasis on low-cut tops and cute bras than cold brew.

City manager Mark Orme told the Chico Enterprise-Record he’s received a number of complaints via phone and email, but insists that his hands are tied. “There’s nothing we can do,” he told the. “It hasn’t opened.” As long as they use their business license to just sell coffee, there isn’t much stopping them.

Sarah Schneeweis, the owner of a nearby dance studio whose 300-plus weekly students include a number of children. She claims she’s concerned about the problems that come with exposing young kids to the racy attire and raunchy attitude of Bottoms Up.

“My first gut reaction is, 'I don't want our kids to have to be exposed to that,’” she told Action News Now. “The inappropriate attire of the baristas working at this establishment does not align with what we're trying to teach our kids at this studio.”

For their part, the brains behind Bottoms Up don’t think its breast-baring baristas are any worse than what Californians are already used to. "We are a very classy business and pride ourselves on customer service and quality drinks,” CEO Nate Wilson told Fox News. “We have dress codes that expose less then you would see at a pool or beach.”

Despite the current lack of legal means to shut Bottoms Up down, Chico’s mayor told the Enterprise-Record he doesn’t expect a place serving drinks with tasteful names like “Sweet Cheeks” and “The Big O” to stick around for long.

“I can’t imagine the people of Chico will support such a concept, especially in that location,” he said in an email. “I expect the business to flame out and do so quickly as Chico already has a number of very successful, tasteful, well-run coffee houses.”

It remains to be seen what will happen once Chico’s Bottoms Up locations actualy opens its doors and makes its coffee assets available to customers. Will morally upright Chicoans stage a protest? Will horned-up locals rally to its defense? Either way, this is definitely one coffee shop situation to keep abreast of.