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OK yes, take all my money

Jeremy Glass
October 02, 2018

Jackie Earhart was frustrated she couldn’t find bottles of Big Red soda when she moved from San Antonio to Jamaica Plain in Boston with her husband. In fact, they couldn’t find any of the corner store snacks they were used to eating back in Texas and would often make their friends bring sour pickles and Hot Cheetos up north when they visited.

“We made our friend stash food in their suitcases,” says Mexican-American, Jackie Earhart. “Hot Cheetos were harder to find back then… they just weren’t regularly carried anywhere in Boston.”

What started as a yearning for the snacks she devoured as a kid has now turned into a full-time business: Hoodrat Snacks.

At only three weeks old, the subscription-box service has become massively popular all over Texas where—ironically—most people can find these treats at the bodega next door.

In each box, Earhart packs in her go-to favorites like Hot Cheetos, sour pickles, gummy bears in Chamoy sauce, Fritos, to-go packs of chili, and so much more.

“In San Antonio, an ice cream truck doesn’t just sell ice cream, but stuff like snow cones covered in chili powder, chips, and pickles,” Earthart says, “we just always called those snacks ‘hoodrat snacks.’ We lived in that neighborhood that was pretty mixed income and we were all trying to be tough kids. We were little hoodrats.”

Before launching Hoodrat Snacks, Earhart worked at Boston’s KarmaLoop, where she honed her ecommerce and photography skills, giving her full control over the site and the way her boxes are presented.

At the moment, she’s set up shop in the back of a tattoo shop and buys her products wholesale while consistently hitting up companies like Frito-Lay for “every kind of spicy Cheeto” imaginable. So, what’s next? Themed holiday boxes, including Earhart’s recipe for a Hot Cheeto tamale that will redefine how you eat for the holidays. So, for those of you tired of fancy-ass subscription boxes, give Hoodrat Snacks a try and embrace your inner hoodrat.

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