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Family can be tricky. Coffee is coffee.

Mike Pomranz
June 27, 2018

When looking to purchase a new home, you should have a checklist of things to look out for: What’s the school district? Is the house falling off a cliff? Don’t I know that neighbor from America’s Most Wanted? But a new survey from the real-estate agency Purplebricks about homebuyer priorities might surprise you. Apparently, when it comes to proximity, coffee trumps family.

In its recently released poll that spoke with over 1,000 American adults nationwide, Purplebricks presents plenty of stats about prospective homebuyers that make a lot of sense. But one stat seemed to stand out like an unwanted stepchild: “40 percent say the distance to their favorite locations, like coffee shops or restaurants, is crucial to consider when scouting new homes,” Purplebricks writes. “Interestingly, 34 percent say the distance from a potential property to immediate friends and family is of utmost importance.” Yes, according to this survey, more people would rather be near their favorite cafe than their friends and family.

To be fair, plenty of people make daily morning coffee runs whereas seeing even your closest friend on a daily basis would be too much together time. And for those who like an evening tipple, being able to enjoy some wine at your favorite restaurant or a few beers at your favorite bar without an expensive cab ride home can be seriously cost effective in the long run; that’s some sensible logic your thrifty parents should be able to understand.

Still, what makes this revelation most intriguing is that it actually might not be that big of a revelation at all. Take a moment and think about it: Would you rather be closer to your all-time favorite eatery or your all-time favorite person? Unless that all-time favorite person knows how to make one hell of a calzone, I know what my answer would be. It’s not black-hearted to admit that you might feel the same way too.

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