Hitler toast is the world's worst toast

By David Matthews
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Hitler Toast Leads to German Drug Dealer's Arrest
Credit: Photo by Martin Diebel via Getty Images

The German criminal code is very clear about where it stands on public displays of Nazi symbols and propaganda: no. Not in public, not at all. This includes the swastika, gestures like various salutes Nazis used, books, and anything else you can think of that brings Nazis to mind, including putting Hitler’s face on toast. There are some exceptions for educational materials, but for the most part the law is pretty clear in Germany: no Nazi stuff. Had one man paid closer attention to that law and not made Hitler toast, the police probably wouldn't have found his massive drug stash.

Sven Pohl, a 37-year-old Neo-Nazi in Dresden, has a long rap sheet, according to the Sun, with several previous stints in jail for violent crime and drug offenses. However, he's joined the illustrious list of super criminals who have been busted through social media after he posted photos of over a dozen slices of toast he had scorched with images of Hitler online, as well as some memes about Hitler playing soccer. Police, noticing the violation of the country's no-Nazi-stuff law, raided Pohl's home, where they found crystal meth and marijuana. Pohl's now being charged with drug trafficking as well as displaying Nazi propaganda.

EC: message-editor%2F1489081554135-hitler-toast
Credit: photo courtesy of Facebook

After initially refusing to cooperate with investigators, Pohl was ultimately done in by a girlfriend who gave evidence against him to the police. It's like no one wants to look out for the Nazis! Fortunately for Pohl, there's no law against bad taste and wasting food. Unfortunately, he can now literally be branded as a crumb bum.