They're looking to open more locations in the country soon
EC: Hey India, You're Getting an IHOP
Credit: Photo by The Denver Post, MediaNews Group via getty images

IHOP is about as American of a chain as you can get, but the restaurant is officially opening up a new location in Gurgaon, a city in northern India southwest of New Delhi. It's been almost 60 years since the first International House of Pancakes opened up in Los Angeles, but now, IHOP is coming to India. And they’re serious about it, too—they’ve even created a website and an Instagram specifically for IHOP India. In fact, DineEquity, the franchisor of IHOP, opened the location on Sunday and plans to open an additional 19 IHOP locations in India over the next decade, according to BW Disrupt. The addition of multiple IHOP restaurants in India could generate over 1000 jobs.

President of DineEquity Daniel del Olmo said in a statement that this is a “proud moment” for IHOP:

Reportedly, the menu will include the traditional American cuisine IHOP is known for, but will also include modifications to appeal to "local palates and dietary preferences," including 50 percent of the menu being vegetarian, according to BW Disrupt. In addition, the pancakes will be eggless, and there will be additional lunch and dinner options, including lamb. Not exactly a dish IHOP is known for, but hey, we’ll keep our minds open if we travel to India anytime soon.