Extra Crispy's illustrated guide to watermelon varieties
EC: Here's the Difference Between Pink, Orange, and Yellow Watermelon
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When you think of a watermelon, chances are good that you're imagining a large, round melon with a green rind and a bright pink, nearly red interior. But did you know that not all watermelons are pink? In much the same way that there are different varieties of apples, there are also different varieties of watermelon—and not all of them are pink and green. Each of these different watermelon types is slightly different in shape, size, texture, and, of course, color. And you can tell a lot about the way a watermelon tastes based on how it looks. According to the experts at the Watermelon Board, yellow and orange watermelons are generally sweeter than those with pink or red flesh. Seedless watermelons tend to have a crisper texture than those with seeds, they add.

It should be noted here that you cannot find a watermelon shaped like a cube in the wild; that's totally a result of human interference and engineering. But finding watermelons of different colors is totally natural, due to cross-breeding among different varieties. It's the same reason why some watermelons are seedless while others aren't. And it's not like a yellow watermelon is somehow better than a pink one because of the color. It might be trickier to find, but whether you like it or not is all up to personal preference.

Haters might say it's Photoshop, but don't believe them. Instead, here are 14 different types of watermelon for you to try this summer.

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Credit: Illustration by Lauren Kolm
By Maxine Builder and Lauren Kolm,Maxine Builder