Because Boston runs on Dunkin' and sports

The sole thing Bostonians may love more than the New England Patriots: Dunkin’ Donuts. It'd make lotsa sense, then, to fuse the best that Boston has to offer on Sunday by throwing a Dunkin’ Donuts-themed Super Bowl party. (If you’re an Atlanta Falcons fan, you can probably stop reading now, and just go to Waffle House or Chick-fil-A or whatever.) Catering your Super Bowl party with Dunkin’ Donuts is almost guaranteed to be a success for your Patriots-obsessed friends and family. It’s also a cost-effective, last-minute option if you’re overwhelmed by elaborate Super Bowl party plans. Like, you can roll up to your local Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday afternoon, mere hours before the game, and pick up everything you need—and just like that, you're ready for sports.

But like Bill Belichick, you have to have a game plan to make it a success. And this is where I, a former resident of Boston with a soft spot for Dunkin’ Donuts, can help (even if my knowledge about football is admittedly middling).

Below is a list of all of the things you’ll need to order from Dunkin’ Donuts for a Super Bowl party of about 15 people, which'll run you about $60. That means you’re spending about $4 per person—and that is a deal, my friend.

So double down on the love for Boston this Super Bowl Sunday and cater your party with Dunkin’. Even if you’re disappointed with the game, you certainly won’t be mad at the food.

12 Patriots-Themed Doughnuts: $10.99

Fortunately, Dunkin’ Donuts is going to make it easy for you by serving up Patriots-themed doughnuts, available at participating stores. The official Patriots doughnut is a classic white frosted doughnut with a red and blue drizzle of icing. You might also find a blue-frosted doughnut with red and white icing, or even an éclair topped with green dipping icing to serve as the field and white and blue drizzle to spell “Go Pats.” (If you’re in an area of the country that has a Dunkin’ but is not so-called Patriots Country, don’t worry. You can MacGyver your own Patriots-themed doughnuts by using some red, white, and blue icing.) The box of doughnuts will cost you $10.99, although the joy at seeing “Pats” written out in icing is priceless.

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Credit: Photo Courtesy Dunkin' Donuts

1 Box ‘O Joe: $18.99

A box of coffee—called a Box ‘O Joe at Dunkin’—is all but mandatory, because game night is long, and who wants to eat a doughnut without dunkin' it in some coffee? This bad boy costs $18.99 and is filled with 100 ounces of liquid, enough for ten small cups. (If you’ve got kids coming to the party, consider getting an accompanying Box ‘O Joe Hot Chocolate, which is ten cups of cocoa for $21.99 and will get them sufficiently hopped up on sugar.)

10 Hash Browns: $9.90

Patriots-themed doughnuts and coffee and hot chocolate aren’t going to be enough to satisfy the crowd, especially if there’s beer involved. (Sadly, Dunkin’ Donuts does not sell beer, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for that.) Dunkin’ does, however, make dope hash browns—and they only cost 99 cents per order. So order at least ten of the hash browns. If they start to cool down before the game, you can always reheat them in the oven. (This is something I did in college with embarrassing frequency but great success.)

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Credit: Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

12 Wake-Up Wraps: $22.68

Dunkin’ Donuts also serves breakfast sandwiches, but if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, order a dozen Wake-Up Wraps for $1.89 a piece. You can get any combination of 12 sandwiches: egg and sausage, egg and bacon, egg and ham, even egg white with veggies. And, again, if they get a little cold in transit, pop the sandwiches (with the wrappers off) on a baking sheet and into a hot oven for about five minutes.

1 Bonus Medium Coffee: $0.87

The Dunkin’ Donuts party doesn’t have to stop once the Super Bowl is over. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Dunkin’ Donuts will be thanking its New England customers with a Patriots Win, You Win promotion. That’s right. If the Patriots are victorious on Sunday night, the next day, all DD Perks members in New England can get a medium hot or iced coffee for 87 cents with an enrolled DD card. And given that FiveThirtyEight gives the Patriots a 61 percent chance of winning, I am feeling good about my chances for discounted coffee.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder