Taco Bell

But only in India 

Tim Nelson
July 09, 2018

Taco Bell is a brand that believes in living mas. A major part of that living mas mentality is thinking outside the bun. In recent times, however, Taco Bell isn’t merely content with living outside the bun. It seems they’re now dead set on transcending the very concept of the tortilla as we know it, and they’re basing their latest such effort on a breakfast staple.

Introducing the “Crispy Potaco”, a portmanteau of “potato” and “taco” for those keeping score at home. As the name suggests, it’s a sort of folded-up hash brown with the structural integrity required to convey a taco’s key ingredients from hand to mouth. In addition, the Potaco is seasoned with “Mexican spices”, proving that a taco’s outer layer can also be a conduit for bold flavors.

The Potaco follows in the footsteps of the infamous Naked Egg Taco (“eggaco”?), which, depending on who you ask, was either the best or worst breakfast of 2017. The Potaco should hopefully address one of the major complaints lobbed at Taco Bell’s outer egg “shell”, namely that holding a fried egg with your bare hands can get a little bit greasy and gross. Simply by nature of being something that people have traditionally eaten with their hands before, the Potaco represents a great leap forward in taco innovation.

As with all disruptive technological breakthroughs, would-be early adopters will have to go to great lengths to get their grubby mitts on a Potaco. They’re only available at Taco Bell locations in India, a place that you probably didn’t know had Taco Bells until you read this sentence. Even more vexing, they’re only available in vegetarian tacos, probably because eating ground beef is pretty frowned upon in India. One Potaco retails for 99 Rupees (or about $1.50). Given America’s perverse fascination with all manner of fast food curios, however, it’s likely only a matter of time before this thing winds up on our shores.  

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