The company's new Tinder stunt is hilariously stupid

By Jeremy Glass
Updated November 27, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Hardee's

Every food company wants to do social media like Taco Bell and Wendy’s, but few have come close. Straddling that thin line between almost funny and pretty stupid is beloved fast food joint Hardee’s, who have now certainly done a thing on social media.

As reported by The Takeout, according to a recent press release from Hardee’s, the chain is now urging fans to jump on Tinder to check out their most recent promotion: A guy with a fried chicken tender head. That’s right… Hardee’s is single and on Tinder.

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, meet Chris P., a guy with a chicken tender for a head I guess? Chris P. (like crispy, duh) is part of a promotion in which those who swipe right on the fictional sentient fried food guy will receive a QR code promising a buy-one, get-one five-piece chicken tender small combo. It's just a token of their appreciation for those hungry enough to feign interest in a guy made of fried chicken.

Naturally, a stunt like this can leave those who swipe on Chris P. asking a few questions. For example:

  1. Hi, why does this man have a chicken tender for a head?
  2. Does he have other chicken body parts?
  3. Does Chris P. consider his condition a handicap or does he lovingly flaunt his crispy beige face?
  4. Real talk: did his dad get a chicken pregnant?

Sure, this is the kind of guerilla-ish social media tactic that was more than likely dreamt up by a bigwig old school ad executive who still thinks Tinder is all the rage, but you’ve got to admit it’s kinda funny. Such a stunt sets up shop in the grey area between hilariously stupid and stupidly hilarious, but either way, they’ve done their job. Great, now I’m starved for chicken tenders… and a meaningful relationship. I kid, I kid, my wife’s feet are made of fried chicken.