Ah, houseguests. Those loved ones who help remind you just how small your apartment is. They can also inspire some epic evenings—and rough mornings. Not long ago I had a couple of good friends stay over. As a proper host does, I took them to my favorite bar around the corner, a spot where I tend to stay until the lights come on. The next morning-ish, with the sun unforgivingly attacking our eyelids, we awoke with a collective groan of regret. The motivation to move was somewhere between “nope” and “ouch,” so going to to brunch was not an option. We needed help, stat.My hungover guests were unprepared for how utterly unprepared I was as a host. My fridge was full of its usual supplies—take-out boxes and condiments, which are not exactly the makings of brunch or bloody mary. I did have fresh coffee (I’m not a monster), so as I started to brew it I scrambled to scrounge together food to start the healing process. There was about half a package of bacon, which wasn’t enough, and in my freezer there were two incredibly sad frozen waffles.But in the freezer there was ice cream, and plenty of it. And that’s when I got my genius idea. I started frying up the bacon.When science dubbed ice cream OK to eat for breakfast, we all appropriately rejoiced. It was this logic that led me to the conclusion that ice cream could also be a good hangover cure. It’s got protein, vitamin D, stomach-settling qualities, and in this case, it was the perfect canvas for which to build my hair of the franken-dog. Vanilla ice cream works fine for this recipe, but at the time I just so happened to have Big Gay Ice Cream’s Salty Pimp. Since all good hangover remedies include a little of the poison that got you into this mess, I mixed cold coffee with sherry and poured it over the ice cream, affogato-style. The bacon and waffles provide the salt, fat, and carbs, and I threw some cheerios on top for good measure. The final ingredient that brought it all together was maple syrup mixed with cayenne. The spice helps get those endorphins going so you can start to have some semblance of a day.After the initial shock that I was indeed serving everyone a boozy, bacon-filled ice cream sundae for breakfast, we all quickly realized how awesome (and necessary) it was. My concoction left us all feeling a little more human-like, and of course left my guests thinking that I'm an impeccable host.Hangover Ice Cream Sundae

Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: photo by Katie Foster

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20 mins
1 sundae


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  • Fry the bacon until crispy, and set aside on a paper towel. 

  • While the bacon is cooking, mix together the cayenne and maple syrup. 

  • Toast the waffles until cooked and set aside.

  • Scoop the ice cream into a bowl, and pour the sherry and coffee over the top. 

  • Break the bacon into pieces and crumble over the top, add the cheerios and the waffle. 

  • Finish it by pouring the cayenne syrup over the top. Serve with a spoon and fork, and a side of water and Advil.