TruMoo's Orange Scream tastes like orange creamsicles
EC: This Halloween-Themed Milk Is Orange
Credit: Photo by Maxine Builder

Milk freaks me out. That's mainly because I'm casually lactose intolerant, and what happens to my body when I drink milk is scary. So I don't need to dye and flavor my milk to make it seem spookier for Halloween—but that's exactly what TruMoo has done. TruMoo Orange Scream is a, "creamy orange milk [that] is so frightfully delicious, it's sure to make you scream," according to a 2014 press release announcing the drink's arrival. It's been back every autumn since then, for a limited time only, and it's exactly what it sounds like: a orange cream-flavored milk.

Apparently TruMoo's Orange Scream has been on grocery store shelves since early October, though I'm not totally shocked that I missed its arrival since I avoid the dairy aisle at all costs. But when the folks at TruMoo offered to send us a carton, I couldn't say no. What does orange milk taste like? And hey, at least it's not pumpkin spice-flavored milk, am I right?

The carton is delightfully Halloween-themed, with a clawed werewolf hand that seems to be attached to the silhouette of a Frankenstein's monster holding a glass of what looks like orange juice on the front. (I do wonder if anyone's picked up the carton, thinking they were buying Halloween-themed orange juice.) There's also a big label on the front of the carton announcing that this milk contains "No GMO Ingredients," but that seems kind of besides the point when you're drinking sweetened, orange milk.

So what does TruMoo's Orange Scream taste like? Imagine if you took a Creamsicle popsicle, placed it upside down in a glass, let it melt until it was fully liquid, then added a couple ice cubes and let those melt, too. That's basically the flavor of TruMoo Orange Scream. The taste is more milk than orange, which was both a pleasant surprise and a little upsetting, because by the time I'm drinking orange cream-flavored milk, I want it to be over-the-top creamy and sweet, like a milkshake.

And though TruMoo prides itself on using low-fat or skim milk to make their flavored milks, I would've preferred it if the fat content was been bumped up so the Orange Scream would taste more like melted ice cream and less like slightly-watery-but-still-flavored milk. (Also, the difference between the fat content of whole milk and skim milk is, like, negligible.)

Does TruMoo's Orange Scream taste better than orange juice mixed with milk? 100 percent. Is it terrifying? Totally. Would I drink it again? Probably not, but I can imagine the person who would, and I see how kids would get a kick out of being served orange milk.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder