Ghosts, skulls, and Walter White are some of the coffee costume options
EC: Halloween Latte Art Is a Trick and a Treat
Credit: Photo by fookphoto via Getty Images

Halloween is weeks away, but the Halloween spirit is here already. Jack O’ Lanterns have appeared on doorsteps, cobwebs now line candy-stocked shelves, skulls and ghosts are replacing leaves in your lattes, and the Great Pumpkin will surely be here soon. Well, maybe not that last one, but, now is definitely the time for Halloween latte art. Dressed up lattes are better than the alternative all year—it's one reason why whole milk is ideal in lattes—but around Halloween, the variety of designs you'll find at coffee shops is truly remarkable, to the latte art layman, at least.

The most skilled baristas are somehow able to take steamed milk and pour it into intricate skulls, wispy ghosts, and even entire scenes from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here for your viewing pleasure are some particularly admirable examples of Halloween latte art. Find the legitimately spooky, some Halloween pop culture references, and one teeny, tiny ghost straight ahead. Behold how festive your October lattes and cappuccinos could be, if only you had the skills.

The minute it will take you to peruse these Halloween-themed lattes, from the sort-of scary to the completely benign, certainly beats spending another minute dwelling on this legitimately frightening election season.