Eight slices of American cheese, two for every Packers win
Credit: Photo courtesy of Burger King

If you’ve ever watched a Green Bay Packers game, it’s patently obvious that Wisconsinites love their cheese. Whether in curded or sliced form, the people of “America’s Dairyland” can’t get enough of the stuff. Now, an ultra-limited edition Burger King offering will carry Packers fans’ love of coagulated milk protein to its logical conclusion.

That’s because the Green Bay Whopper is adorned with an astounding eight slices of cheese. Rather than layering in limburger, muenster, or other varieties that the state is known for, it looks like the burger is instead piled with a pillowy layer of Burger King’s distinctly yellow American cheese. Instead of buffering the various layers of beef, pickles, onion, lettuce, and tomato, those eight slices will all be woven together into one single heap of cheese not unlike the kind a Packers fan might wear on their head.

In fact, it seems that Wisconsin’s most famous piece of headgear inspired the Green Bay Whopper in the first place. “Knowing that Green Bay fans are known as the 'Cheeseheads' and frequently show up to games with gigantic nacho cheese hats, local Burger King restaurants in Wisconsin decided to pay homage to these fans with a special edition Whopper," a Burger King statement quoted by Green Bay station WBAY reads.

While Packers fans are famously spread out across the country, this Whopper won’t be. It’s only available at six Green Bay-area Burger King locations, each less than a seven-mile drive from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. It won’t be around for very long, either: It was introduced on November 25th and its last day will be December 2nd, when the Packers host the Arizona Cardinals.

What’s also worth noting is that the Green Bay Whopper has twice as many slices of cheese as the as-of-now 4-6-1 Packers have wins. Hopefully coach Mike McCarthy will wolf down a bunch of these things this week and magically figure out how to not waste another year of Aaron Rodgers’ career.