Well, sometimes

Credit: Channel 4

Did you spend some of your holidays blissfully watching the contestants of The Great British Baking Show as they attempted creme patisserie or complicated breads? Did you ever wonder what actually happens to the leftovers of those fabulous technical challenges? Do they get boxed up and taken home? Composted? Furtively eaten by Paul Hollywood? How much sponge cake can one man really eat?

Well, wonder no more, because thanks to television's most friendly goth uncle, Noel Fielding, we know what happens to the remains of the bakes. Fielding appeared on the very British annual special Big Fat Quiz of the Year along with previous baking contestant Kim-Joy Hewlett. Host Jimmy Carr asked the question on everyone's minds: What happens to the cakes after they've been judged?

Mostly, Hewlett confirmed, the crew gets to eat some of it. "They know the best ones, so they all descend on the bake." That is charming! Still more charming?

"Do you want a juicy bit of gossip?" Fielding said. "Prue, occasionally, if there's any cakes leftover, takes them home for her pigs."

Pigs! There is something incredibly whimsical about pigs happily chomping on intricate baked goods. But apparently it's a source of some concern: When Prue Leith mentioned feeding cakes to pigs in 2017, the National Pig Association issued a stern warning against this practice. Still, it's nice to know that all those shortbreads don't go to waste.