It's like grown-up cookie butter

By Kate Welsh
Updated June 13, 2018
Credit: Photo by Kate Welsh

Having had more than my fair share of fancy butters and nut butters, I didn’t think that there was more that could happen in the way of butter innovation. But I was wrong, thankfully.

I kept seeing Kween Food’s Granola Butter pop up on Instagram, touted by wellness gurus and food fans who had drizzled it on waffles, mixed it into overflowing smoothies, and smeared it on toast with berries. It looked good and sounded intriguing—butter? Made out of granola?—so I decided to try some for myself.

Reader, Granola Butter is delicious. Oily and spreadable, it has the texture and appearance of homemade almond butter. Its appealingly rough consistency reminds you it’s made from oats and flax. It is rich and cinnamon-y, with a pleasant hit of sweetness from the maple syrup. It's like Biscoff Cookie Butter grew up and became a yoga instructor in Silver Lake.

Granola Butter is made with both olive and coconut oils, which is a smart choice: neither flavor overwhelms the other. Its consistency more toward liquid than solid, which is helpful for artful dribbles or toast smears, but makes eating it with, say, apples or bananas slightly messier. Still, that wouldn’t stop me from eating it like that; however I can get this stuff into my mouth is cool with me.

Kween Food makes two kinds of Granola Butter: Original, and, if you want to get a little extra protein, one with collagen peptides. I tried both and couldn’t taste the difference.

The only drawback? One 10-ounce jar is about $13. For comparison’s sake, a 12-ounce jar of Justin’s almond butter will run you about $8. It’s definitely a splurge, but for a special treat—and making your mornings a little more delicious—it's worth it.