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coffee enema goop
Credit: Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr. via Getty Images

Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean-eating, detoxing, and jade egg for the yoni-ing lifestyle brand, has a new way to take wellness to a wacky level: a coffee enema kit, priced at $135. The enema kit was included in Goop’s 2018 Beauty and Wellness Detox Guide, grouped along with items intended to “supercharge your detox,” like a two-person cedar sauna (it’s $4000) and a Binchotan charcoal facial puff—you know, everyday stuff.

Coffee enemas are part of a genre of cleanses known as “colonics,” or the practice of getting regular enemas in order to hydrate the colon. Colonics proponents argue that regular enemas flush the colon of toxins within the body. Supporters of coffee as an enema fluid believe that the caffeine in coffee may, in addition to eliminating toxins, stimulate production of a beneficial liver enzyme known as glutathione S-transferase, which has anti-inflammatory and blood-cleansing properties. However, sources like the National Institutes of Health recommend against practicing colonics, stating that the practice could cause serious side effects and that the colon is already effectively a self-cleaning organ.

Although it is advertised in the Detox Guide article, the coffee enema kit cannot actually be purchased through Goop. After clicking “shop now” on other products in the article, you can add items to your cart; however, when you select the same option on the Implant-o-Rama, you’re simply led to another article on Goop entitled “The Nuts and Bolts of Colonics.” The article, which features a Q&A with Dr. Alejandro Junger, Goop’s consultant on “all matters of cleansing and digestive health,” discusses the pros and cons of regular enemas. Goop is careful to maintain that the safety of colonics is often debated, and to consult a doctor for specific advice. While the coffee enema system is not available for purchase through this article either, one of Junger’s comments in the story mentions and links to the kit. Says Junger: “If you wish to use a home system and you know what you are doing, I recommend the Implant O-Rama System.”