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Thank you for being... expensive?

Tim Nelson
October 30, 2018

A few weeks ago, the Golden Girls were in the headlines again despite the show going off the air 26 years ago. Thankfully it wasn’t because Betty White passed away (she is a national treasure who will live forever), but because a limited-edition Golden Girls cereal was taking the internet by storm.

The Target-exclusive cereal has proven so popular, in fact, that superfans have been willing to pay a pretty penny to get their hands on one of the rare boxes. Entertainment site Deadline notes that the specialty cereal, a box of blue, fruity loops with a suggested retail price of $7.99, has fetched as much as $100 in some online auctions. Indeed, eBay is inundated with sellers seeking to offload the box of cereal and the accompanying Rose Nylund Funko Pop. Prices seem to vary quite a bit from listing to listing, but it’s clear that diehard fans of those four saucy senior citizens are willing to pay a premium for the specialty item.

For Funko CEO Brian Mariotti, the cereal’s success is hardly a shock. “I’m not really surprised. A few years back we did Golden Girls pop figures and action figures, too,” he told Deadline. “They did insanely well. So we knew doing the cereal and our upcoming Pez makes a ton of sense.”

In fact, you may not want to place that triple-digit bid just now: Mariotti already suggests that more Golden Girls cereal (complete with a collectible Funko Pop depicting another central character) could be on its way sooner than later. “We have additional Golden Girls cereal planned,” Mariotti said. “We wanted to lead off with blue but you can expect to see white and pink colors in the next two editions with new figures in each.”

So if you’re the kind of Golden Girls superfan that needs to own a Funko figurine, just be patient. You probably don’t want to eat stale cereal you’ve bought off of eBay anyway.  

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