Just ask for the gold Timbits
02993-1 Gold Timbits PR_Image_CR.jpeg
Credit: Courtesy Tim Horton's

With yesterday’s World Goth Day in the rearview mirror, National Doughnut Day, a time of year where we celebrate circular, holed pastries and attempt to come to a consensus on how their name is spelled. Naturally, it’s also the biggest day on the marketing calendar for donut(?) companies across the country. While some turn the occasion into a chance to give someone a fake job, our neighbors in the great white north are sending its US fans on a quest for golden treasure.

On June 1st, Tim Hortons is scattering Timbits (think Canadian munchkins) dipped in 24 karat edible gold. Fittingly, they can be found at five total locations in the border cities of Buffalo and Detroit as well as the comparatively southern Columbus, Ohio. There’s no lengthy application process, Tim Hortons trivia, or feats of strength required to win: simply being the first person to stroll into a participating location and ask for “Gold Timbits” will walk away with some pretty valuable donut holes.

Though exorbitantly priced gold-dipped foods have made headlines recently, this instance at least feels less shameless given that these treats are free for the lucky winners. And if you’re worried that Tim Hortons’ contest will only offer a fleeting moment of luxurious snacking, fret not: anyone who gets their mitts on the gold-dipped (and honey-dipped) Timbits will also earn a year’s supply of (zero karat/non gold) donuts. Not a bad deal, eh?

Though they’re known as Canada’s answer to Dunkin' Donuts, US Regional President Shawn Thompson explained why they’re heading south of the border: “We’re always looking for a way to treat our Guests like gold. We’re excited to celebrate National Doughnut Day the Tim Hortons® way by adding a touch of gold to our signature Timbits®, a bite-size Guest favorite that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.”

So if you live in central Ohio, western New York, or southeastern Michigan, go forth and find the gold. Hopefully you won’t encounter any, uh, less valuable materials while you’re there.