The South African GEM is coming soon to the UK
Gold-flecked avocados
Credit: Photo courtesy Tesco

Are you tired of the same old plain green avocados? Looking to spice up your toast with something a little more aesthetically pleasing? Are you British?

If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, then you’re in luck! Supermarket chain Tesco recently introduced the South African GEM avocado to 200 of its stores in the UK. Tesco’s press release touts the GEM as smoother, creamier and a bit sweeter, owing to the fact that it spends much more time on the tree than other avo options. The stone fruit’s skin features “natural gold flecks” that give it an extra bit of shine.

“It’s not the kind of avocado you will want to mash up and turn into guacamole,” said Tesco avocado buyer Andrew Pattison, who clearly has one of the best jobs in the world. “Show [it] off as a special treat at a dinner party as either an exotic entrée or part of the main dish.”

Despite the eye-catching hype, there does seem to be a practical purpose to Tesco stocking its produce sections with this special South African variety. Because of their smaller-than-average size, GEM avocados often go to waste because growers deem them unsuitable for export. Given that Avocados aren’t exactly the most energy efficient produce, going for gold is a way to support more sustainable agriculture.

So are these gold-flecked avocados a shiny gimmick, or a legitimate alternative? Who knows, but we’ll surely see them popping up on social media soon enough.