Is it bad that I’m kind of into this?
EC: So, a Glitter Cappuccino Exists Now
Credit: Photo by @CoffeeByDiBella via Twitter

Those upholding the current trend of putting weird stuff in coffee have graced us with yet another head-scratcher: the Glitter Cappuccino. The drink, simply a classic cappuccino topped with edible glitter, joins the ranks of eye-popping coffee drinks, among them the avocado latte (and don’t forget the carrot-cino), the Buffalo latte, and of course, the Unicorn Frappuccino. The Glitter Cappuccino gained so much attention this weekend the posts about it were aggregated into a Twitter moment. The moment, categorized under a “weird” tag, described that “some cafes, including one in India and one in the UK, have started serving coffee adorned with edible glitter.” Coffee By Di Bella in Mumbai, India, actually makes two glittery cappuccinos, one with silver glitter known as the Diamond Cappuccino and a Gold Cappuccino topped with gold glitter.

Indeed, we live in strange times. Our toast is “mermaid”-flavored and coffee drinks no longer contain merely espresso and milk. However, I find myself much less annoyed by the addition of edible glitter to a coffee than the alternatives. Glitter probably wouldn’t alter the flavor of the drink, nor would the vessel in which the drink is served be tricky to hold (see aforementioned latte mixed with Buffalo sauce and those poured into hollowed-out fruit, respectively). Honestly, I’d be pretty psyched to find my cappuccino covered with a thin layer of sparkle. Built-in Instagram filter, right?

Commenters’ opinions on the glittery cappuccinos were obviously divided. One person who tasted Coffee By Di Bella’s drinks commented on Instagram that the glitter made the drink creamier—the very fine sparkly powder likely acts as a second microfoam to the milk in the cappuccino. Plus, “it leaves you with a shiny lip gloss too,” the taster said.

Others were not so down on the idea. “No one loves shit that sparkles more than I do,” said a Twitter user. “But I don’t want glitter in my coffee, get outta here with that shit.”

While I don’t think I’d shell out an extra dollar or two to have glitter sprinkled on my cappuccino at a cafe, I have had a container of edible glitter in my kitchen for years, and I’ve been waiting for a reason to break out that bad boy.