Plus Count Chocula and many action figures
Glenn Danzig
Credit: Photo by Gary Miller via getty images

Singer, songwriter, and founder of the Misfits, Glenn Danzig, recently sold his old Los Angeles home, where some interesting items were left behind. The house is reportedly in a fair amount of disrepair (Danzig hasn’t lived there in many years, according to Death and Taxes), and odds and ends like Count Chocula and Franken Berry cereal were left behind.

The cereal is probably pretty old, given that all General Mills monster cereals were yanked from regular distribution in 2010, though they are still available seasonally. Whoever left the cereal there must have cared about it to some degree, as they left a creepy candy-cane wielding teddy bear next to the cereal to stand watch.

Death and Taxes reports that the house sold in a week, quite possibly for the full asking price of $1.2 million. The disarray in the home, which will also be inherited by the money-bags who coughed up the dough for this place, includes much more than cereal that is maybe more than seven years old. Along with the expected metal trinkets—from metal skull figures to gargoyle candle dishes—photos published by Death and Taxes reveal a collection of action figures and collectibles. On a shelf inside the house, one can spot Land Before Time hand puppets Pizza Hut sold in the '90s, Taz, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and a host of other cartoon characters.

Photos also reveal some pretty tragic blue carpeting that has got to go, an old bed (red alert!), and a handful of books. Ostensibly, all of this loot comes with the house, which was sold “as is.” A good first step might be to burn the mattress, and compost the old cereal (hey, it’s still good for something). Other than that, hopefully the home’s new owner really likes Looney Toons, Disney, and goth knick-knackery!