Cuddle up in a carb coma
EC: Give the Sexy Gift of Breakfast in Bed
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You know what’s super-duper sexy? Breakfast in bed. You’re there in bed, which is sexy because that’s where sex happens. You probably haven’t combed your hair so you have that sexy bedhead, which on most of us looks like a street cat is perched atop our heads, but we see it in commercials so it must be true. And you’re probably not wearing pants because that would be weird and uncomfortable. And ideally the person with whom you are eating breakfast in bed is a person with whom you have shared this bed (and if not, I would enjoy knowing more about your life and how you live it). So breakfast in bed is a great and sexy thing due to all of these factors in aggregate.

Yeah, no. Breakfast in bed is one of those things that is inevitably better in theory than in practice (like, say, sex on the beach). What seems like a fun, sensual exercise is suddenly fraught with all manner of physical challenges (Do I sit up or just sort of hunch over the tray or recline Roman-style?), stains (Oh no, not marmalade on the duvet! We’ll never get that out!), and crumbs found in distressing places at a later date. It’s a lovely and generous idea, but if you’d really like for your romantic couple’s gift to facilitate both sensory pleasure and a lasting impact, consider Hot Bread Kitchen’s version of Breakfast in Bed.

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Credit: photo courtesy of hot bread kitchen

Jessamyn Rodriguez founded Hot Bread Kitchen’s Bakers in Training program from her Brooklyn kitchen in 2007 in an effort to teach the trade of bread baking to women facing economic insecurity. Since then, the program has expanded into a multi-armed endeavor that includes an expanded version of the training program that features six months of paid training in artisan bread baking along with key skills like English as a second language, bakery math, and science, and a culinary incubator to help women—especially immigrants—create a sustainable future for themselves. Plus, they sell damned good bread—currently over 75 multi-ethnic breads, inspired by the women they train—as well as other products from the businesses that HBK has incubated.

Hot Bread Kitchen’s Breakfast in Bed sampler contains Persian Nan-e Qandi flavored with honey and sesame seeds, “My Mom’s Nutty Granola” with whole almonds, peanuts and honey, traditional Challah bread that’s ideal for French toast or slathered with Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator member Crosstown Sweets’ plum and star anise jam. Recipe cards for French toast and almond babka come with, so you could even move the red-hot breakfast action to the kitchen and save the bedroom for other stuff—like cuddling up together in a sexy, sexy carb coma.

Hot Bread Kitchen Breakfast in Bed, $80,