The Cheshire Cheese Company knows what the people want
gin cheese
Credit: photo by Tastyart Ltd Rob White via getty images

Not that Brits don’t love a good tipple all year round, but the UK gets especially into its booze once the holiday season strikes. The sun sets early, the decorations go up, and everything in the entire country suddenly seems to get soaked in sparkling wine and gin. Even the cheese.

OK, to be fair, the Cheshire Cheese Company didn’t introduce its Gin & Lemon Cheshire Cheese specifically for the holidays. This boozy cheese was introduced by the North West England-based cheesemonger earlier this year, long enough ago to have already been named an International Cheese Awards Bronze Winner 2017. Still, this December marks the first time this new addition is available for Christmas, and can you imagine a more festive product to serve up to British guests, especially for the all-too-sensible “I try not to drink gin during daytime hours” crowd?

So what does gin and lemon cheese taste like? “A gentle balance of slightly sweetened lemon pieces harmonise with the slight acidity of our international award winning, Creamy Cheshire. Whilst a splash of gin adds to the melt in the mouth sensation,” the brand explains. “Packaged in an eye catching yellow wax truckle this limited edition special will not be around for long so hurry and purchase before its too late!”

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Credit: photo courtesy of the cheshire cheese company

On that last note, the company isn’t kidding. A burst of holiday interest has caused previous supplies of this gin cheese to completely sell out. “Due to massive demand we are out of stock!” the Cheshire Cheese Company exclaims. “Don't worry we are making more right now [and] we hope to have more ready this week.” Don’t stress too much, Americans. It doesn’t look like they readily ship across the pond regardless.

However, if you’re in the UK and feeling extra anxious about getting your boozy cheese fix ASAP, the Cheshire Cheese Company does have at least two other alcohol-enhanced cheeses still in stock: Irish Whiskey & Stem Ginger Cheddar Cheese and El Gringo Chilli, Lime & Tequila Cheddar. Granted, they won’t pair as well with Top of the Pops and Christmas crackers, but hey, they celebrate the holidays in Ireland and Mexico too.