One woman invested $5.8 million in Europe’s first all-avocado restaurant

Avocado Show
Credit: Photo courtesy of The Avocado Show

Less than four months ago, the world’s very first avocado bar opened up in Brooklyn... and ran out of avocados within three hours. And it wasn’t a lack of preparation to blame. Roughly 200 people visited Avocaderia on opening day, wiping out their supply of the green stuff. Now, Europe’s first all-avocado restaurant, The Avocado Show, plans to add their dishes to the mix after getting an investment from a woman known as "the Bill Gates of avocados" in the amount of roughly $5.8 million, reports Munchies. That’s a lot of guac.

This avocado-loving mogul is Shawn Harris, founder and former CEO of Nature’s Pride. "She is the biggest lady in avocados," The Avocado Show's cofounder Ron Simpson told Munchies. "She is the Bill Gates of avocados."

Due to Harris's contributions, there could be an additional 15 Avocado Show restaurants opening up throughout more locations in Europe, as well as North America, Asia, and Australia—leading Munchies to claim the restaurant's plan is "to take over the world."

Alessandro Biggi, a co-founder of Avocaderia, doesn’t view this as scary competition, but rather “great” news. “This means the avocado market is more ripe than ever to establish itself as the new healthy and enjoyable food option,” he told Extra Crispy via email.

You’d think “all-avocado restaurants” are a pretty specific niche all on their own, but the avocado craze has proved differently for Biggi. While The Avocado Show is a “very cool concept” that “has a lot of things in common” with New York’s Avocaderia, there’s room for everyone, Biggi said. “We aim to be the new standard of healthy fast food, so we are mostly focused on take-out with an approachable price point,” he said.

Avocado prices have, bizarrely, become a point of intergenerational contention on the internet over the past year, after an op-ed written by Bernard Salt in October 2016 claimed that millennials can't buy houses because they're spending too much on avocado toast. So it’s easy to assume that the avocado trend will go in the way of most internet fads and memes—but Biggi predicts differently.

"Avocado is so much more than a trend," he told Extra Crispy. "Since being introduced to the mainstream markets, avocado has become a regular staple in the diets of many people across the world."

Biggi highlighted its great taste, its "wealth of benefits," and its position as a staple ingredient in a healthy lifestyle. He firmly believes these core elements will make avocados—and thus, all-avocado restaurants and bars—a permanent fixture in American modern life. "Of course, the photogenic appeal of the fruit itself helps [its appeal]," he said, "but when you get down to the core of what makes avocado so great, it's impossible to think that it will ever go away."

As for Avocaderia’s own business, it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. “We still get large numbers of tourists,” he told Extra Crispy, adding that the company has worked with brands like Gap, GQ, and SoulCycle to expand beyond Brooklyn. “We have so many inquiries from fellow entrepreneurs that would like to open their own Avocaderia around the world,” he said. “We are aware that there is a huge opportunity to grow, and we are already working on opening new locations in NYC very soon.”

Instagram food fads abound... but for now, it looks like all-avocado restaurants are here to stay.