Illustration by Lauren Kolm, Photo via Amazon

I mean, sort of

Kate Welsh
February 07, 2018

When I was little and my family would go out to eat, whenever my siblings and I would get antsy, my parents would hand us a few of those little plastic creamer containers. "Shake them," they'd insist. "If you shake them long and hard enough you can make butter." Butter fiends that we were (are), we obliged, shaking, shaking, and listening for some sign that things were solidifying. It never actually happened, but it did keep us entertained for at least a few minutes, until the food came. The idea that you can turn one familiar thing into another familiar thing by sheer force of will was appealing when I was five: like some sort of homespun magic. And it turns out it still is, because I think I need this butter churn

The Kilner butter churn is a step up from little creamer containers and those Little House on the Prairie-appropriate wooden butter churns of yore. With a mason jar-like vessel, sleek metal turning apparatus, and wooden handle, it looks sleek but still homey, and won't take up all that much room. And it's apparently extremely easy to use. All you do is pour whipping cream or heavy cream into the jar, screw on the lid, and turn the handle. 

Kilner claims that In as few as 10 minutes of churning, you'll have fresh butter, exactly to your specifications: you can add more sugar, or add more salt, or even whip up some infused butter. (Strawberry butter is really good on pancakes, just saying.) It's so amazingly simple, it seems kind of amazing that making your own butter hasn't gotten quite as popular as making your own juice. So just think, pick this thing up, and you could be a butter maker and a trendsetter. 

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