Photo courtesy of McDonald’s Germany

The mozzarella stick/onion ring mashup will most likely never come to the US

Mike Pomranz
April 26, 2018

It always feels like foreign countries get the best McDonald’s menu items. For breakfast alone, other countries have landed things like bacon and egg breakfast pies (New Zealand), sausage and egg pasta (Hong Kong), and pork porridge (Thailand). Our Canadian neighbors to the north once taunted us by dangling McDonald’s hamburgers topped with freakin’ hash brown patties just on the other side of the border. Now, Germany is the latest place to land what sounds like a kickass McDonald’s side that will likely never find its way over to the States: Camembert doughnuts.

Granted, these aren’t literal doughnuts in the Dunkin’ sense. Instead, as the site Chew Boom reports, they appear to be more of a kind of mozzarella stick/onion ring mashup (which frankly, sounds even grossly more delicious than a traditional doughnut). The side features rings of real Camembert cheese, breaded and deep-fried. McDonald’s Germany’s website describes them—according to Google Translate—as “a hearty side dish” that is “crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside—simply delicious!” Though Translate also bills them as an item that “should not be missing in a perfect BBQ,” so who knows if either Google or McDonald’s has any idea what they’re talking about.

A seven-piece order costs 3.99 euros (or just under $5) and comes with not one, but two mini tubs of cranberry dipping sauce.Also, since this is Germany, I’m thinking you might be able to grab them as part of a meal deal that comes with a two-liter glass boot full of dunkelweizen, but that’s just wild speculation.

Sadly, since the item is brand new, other details are pretty scarce; however, you can check out this German-language YouTube video from JunkFoodGuru that shows some enthusiastic European man excitedly giving these Camembert Donuts a taste test. Admittedly, my German is terrible, but I do speak the universal language of food video grunts, and this guy seems really pleased with his cheesy doughnut experience. I mean, how can you not be pleased with a cheesy doughnut experience?

Also, at about that two-minute mark, the guy dips his Camembert doughnut into the cranberry dip, eats it, and then exclaims in clear English, “Oh my god.” That’s about the time I bought my flight to Berlin.

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