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It will live mas no mas

Tim Nelson
May 07, 2018

With finals right around the corner, college students across the country will eat countless late-night meals in the coming weeks. And what better place to wind up after a night of—ahem— ’studying’ than at an on-campus Taco Bell? Sadly, students at Georgia Tech lost access to that Fire Sauce-scented safe space with almost no warning last week. And while their memories of the fast food outlet might be a little foggy, they still managed to give the place a proper sendoff.

On its final night of operation, students gathered outside the now-closed location in a sort of military funeral, a fitting end for the place whose assortment of chalupas and gorditas no doubt powered them through many an all-nighter. One young hero (seemingly adorned with a Taco Bell bag on his head) played taps on the trumpet, lending an appropriately somber mood to the occasion. From the looks of the video, many joined with a stern salute, memorializing what was undeniably the closest Taco Bell location to their dorms.

While the location boasted a three star Yelp rating (understaffing seems largely to blame), that didn’t stem the outpouring of respect offered on Reddit. More than a hundred heeded the command to “press f to pay respects”, while others looked on their fond memories of the student center Taco Bell.

“There's plenty of good food in the student center, but nothing is as good and fitting for a college student as Taco Bell,” said Redditor and Georgiaa Tech alum iyeti. “My freshman year I had the +5 meal plan, which was essentially $35 dollars a week that could be used at any GT dining location, Taco Bell included. Some weeks we would save this until Friday night, spend it all at once, and bring back stacks on stacks of tacos to my dorm for everyone to eat.”

Notably, this wasn’t the first time a dearly departed Taco Bell received this kind of funerary treatment. Back in January, mourners held a vigil at a Montgomery, Alabama location that burned to the ground, with a Facebook event encouraging attendees to “stand together in the loss of our beloved Taco Bell.” With so many passionate fans of cheap Mexican fast food out there, Georgia Tech probably won’t be the last time fans of the Doritos Locos Taco gather to mourn the loss of the place where they once lived mas.


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