Taste testing the super-salty British anchovy paste

By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated March 28, 2018
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Credit: Photo by Thinglass via Getty Images

The world of condiments is vast and unknowable. For every garden-variety yellow mustard, there’s a fiery Russian mustard that’s not safe for kids. Throughout history, in all parts of the world, forward-thinking people have developed new ways to enhance their food with condiments. In an effort to better understand and evangelize about lesser-known condiments, we’ve launched a new video series, Condemented.

The first episode of Condemented is all about Gentleman’s Relish. Hailing from the UK, this anchovy paste has yet to catch on in the US, probably because it tastes like a salamander’s ear. For some, that’s good thing. For others, that’s a turn off. It’s also called Patum Peperium and is a key ingredient in the dish Scotch Woodcock. The exact recipe for Gentleman’s Relish is a secret that reportedly has been passed down through the generations of owners, from father to son. The paste contains enough salt to melt the ice on your driveway all winter.

Watch the video to see what the Extra Crispy editors had to say about this controversial condiment.