Poilce in the UK seized 167 kg of cannabis resin along with many cartons of OJ
EC: Gang Caught Smuggling Weed in Orange Juice Cartons 
Credit: Photo by Bloomberg / Contributor via Getty Images

Here’s another one to add to the list of breakfast crimes we know you’ve been cataloguing in your head. Following a long investigation by the UK's National Crime Agency, a Northern Ireland organized crime gang has been arrested for smuggling a large quantity of cannabis in orange juice cartons. In April 2015, two men were seen packing 167 kg of cannabis resin—that’s about 368 lbs—into a van in Camlough, County Armagh. The drugs had been hidden among orange juice cartons in pallets imported from Spain via Dublin, likely displacing tons of orange juice. The NCA seized the orange juice cartons along with the cannabis resin, which was predicted to have a street value of £800,000, or $997,000.

Three men were arrested in connection with the crime: Mark Fleetwood and Paul Green, who had transported the cannabis from the orange juice cartons to their van, along with the gang's fixer, Stephen Dainty. In the course of the investigation, NCA officers searched Dainty's home and found documents relating to the "orange juice" delivery, and then connected the dots by analyzing telephone and computer communications to place the three men together on flights. No word on if the NCA was able to determine how the group landed on orange juice as the chosen vehicle for the operation. Each man will serve a 28-month sentence.

The crime raises a few questions. Like, what excuse did Dainty give for ordering that much orange juice? Who consumed all of the orange juice displaced by weed? And why do people so often involve breakfast in their crimes in the first place? Your guesses are as good as any.