Move over, rainbow bagel
EC: Galaxy Bagels Are Coming Whether You're Ready or Not
Credit: Photo courtesy The Bagel Store

Doughnuts may be getting all the glory these days, with new rose shapes, boozy flavors, and getting launched into space, but the other round-with-a-hole breakfast fave, bagels, are having a break-out moment as well. Scot Rossillo, the creative force behind The Bagel Store in Brooklyn and the much-instagrammed rainbow bagel has just created perhaps the prettiest breakfast food you can get your hands on right now, and that you’ll definitely be posting to your Instagram this summer: the galaxy bagel. The swirled and multi-colored bagel not only looks amazing, but since it’s from The Bagel Store, you know it’s going to taste fantastic as well.

The galaxy bagel is swirled with striking pinks, blues, yellows, reds, and black colors, topped with shiny sprinkles. In a video for Insider, Rossillo showed off the special method he uses to create the spacey breakfast. The bagels start off as an impressively huge stack of multi-colored raw dough, which is then sliced down, and molded into a swirled pattern, which is then shaped into a bagel. Rossillo then gives the bagels a generous bath in sprinkles. Sometimes he even adds some crunchy treats into the dough, giving more texture, color, and flavor to the already impressive bagel.

Unlike the rainbow bagels, you don't have to visit Brooklyn to get your hands on one. Through The Bagel Store’s website, anyone in the US can have rainbow and galaxy bagels delivered right to their door. So whether you dine in at the shop or order online, just make sure you remember to actually eat the bagel after taking all those photos.