Seriously, it'll make your sweltering summer that much better

By Margaret Eby
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Frozen Yogurt in Your Cereal: Get on Board
Credit: Photo by Margaret Eby

We are teetering on the edge of full-blown summer, which means two things: It's about to get really hot, and you should start putting frozen yogurt in your cereal. No, it won't replace the milk, and no, it won't leave you with a sugar headache. But it will make your summer mornings that much more bearable when it's hot and hazy out. I had the revelation that cereal and frozen yogurt are a perfect match while eating breakfast at the Prince Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii, a place that know something about summer-like temperatures. The breakfast I ate was a cereal made of dehydrated poi topped with cubes of frozen strawberry yogurt and soy milk. The strawberry yogurt added a touch of sweetness, but mostly it made the whole thing feel like a cool treat, like eating a popsicle on a meltingly hot day. But you don't need to be in Hawaii, or to get that gourmet, to apply the basic principle of frozen yogurt in cereal.

I'm not talking about the kind of fro-yo that you pull from a machine and top with gummy bears—though, hey, if that's your thing, why not? What makes the most sense is using the kind of yogurt that you usually eat in the morning. For me, that's Greek yogurt, but any kind of yogurt will generally work. All you have to do is freeze the yogurt in an ice tray—use a plastic bag to pipe it in if you're worried about making a mess. Pop out a cube of frozen yogurt, put it in your cereal of choice, and pour in the milk. Voila, a frozen yogurt breakfast summer treat.

If you feel like getting a bit creative with it, and you're using plain yogurt, you can always cut up some fruit and put it in the ice cube tray slots along with a healthy dollop of yogurt. If you want to do away with the bowl all together, you can make milk and cereal popsicles, and turn your entire cereal bowl into a breakfast treat. You might feel trepidatious about this during the relatively cool days at the beginning of June, but trust me—try it, and by July, you might be the one trying to get other people on the frozen-yogurt-in-cereal train.